Minnesota Winter Crows

[A Minnesota Poem] in Haiku form

The long, protracted white horses of winter

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Creeps, slowly animal disease back

From where it came from

It had burst in circles us, this

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This Merry spell-died

It has not, not yet...

But raised its gray, austere clouds-

It record unquestionably has!

Less delightful...yes, perhaps;

Then comes previous spring: crows

In their bleak, black-flight

Looking hot...!

#1732 3-13-2007

Notes: here is a iv verse Haiku, on the termination of time of year in Minnesota, in 2007. Minnesota is known for its winters going out suchlike a lion, and so it has evidenced so in the period of March, of 2007, when this nursery rhyme was in writing. It would appear season would simply stop, and spring would move in, but it never happens that way. Even the crows have a term of example to readapt to the new season, for the season has helped them turn capillary and lean, and has helped the man in Minnesota to grow fat, because they catch some z's in the stately home a little. Then in spring the crows spring fat, and the man instigation mushrooming lean, they get out of the habitation as in a while as possible-and consequently near is no end to their goings-on.

Commentary on Winter Storms: Winter storms are simply a portion of the culture, a fact of life, or so it would seem to be in Minnesota; I was born there, in St. Paul, and have witnessed many an of them. Severe wintertime storms go put a bet on as far as weather coverage goes, to perhaps, Nov 10, 1835, when a strict thunderstorm caused 19shipwrecks on Great Lakes, 254 sailor's died´. And later on Nov 8, 1870 the front season tornado alert was issued by the U.S. Army Signal Corps. On March 14-15, 1941 sickening violent storm in hesperian counties, 85-mph winds at Grand Forks, 75 mph winds at Duluth. In 1996, we had three blizzards, and in 1997, we had v blizzards. The entire seasonal precipitation fall, is linking 90 and 120 inches.



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