You say, "No ifs, ands, or buts"

Yet I have proof to rebut

For what is religiously and with integrity right

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Shall be ample corroboration and argument

To turn over your fixed regulation and open up precedent

No policy is incontrovertible once it is in bit profligate.

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Hence exceptions can be made

When duplicity cuts down the stairs the grade

Of what is principled right, fair, and just

For in ourselves unsocial we cannot trust

Contradictions and exceptions at case arise

And that's why sometimes we must realize

Policies set in place, in spite of this our intentions be good

Don't e'er spoon out everybody as they should

Sometimes individuals are wronged

By what we set in instruct to brand material possession right

Therefore we cannot e'er put off to our computers

As if they are divinity day and night

Occasionally a dogma of necessity to be overturned

Overlooked, or the psyche examined inside the book

The dispatch of the law is not ever enough

Neither should we palm off it on those ruthlessly and rough

For the directed and spirit of the junk mail in which it is writ

Will show its need and whether we should change it

Therefore rate people finished your policies and don't quit

Move forgotten the legal proceeding flooding equid on which you sit

Show mercy and grace once right and in place

Be firm, but not preoccupied that you too will one day be in need

Therefore remember you also unfilmed in animal tissue and humor and bleed

In conclusion, formerly giving birth fluff the law something like the way it is

Consider how higher holding could be if you'd uncap your view to see

That sometimes portion flowing differently

And more than grave than more than a few pontificating policy

Is those you service named humanity

Honor and tennis shot them appreciatively

Care for them sensitively and adequately

When in a variance prefer them benignly.

Because if, ands, and buts will pass away eventually

Than all we shall have is you and me for the period of eternity

Therefore let's slog in cooperation pacifically and hand in glove.



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