Fantastico is a 3rd-party cPanel part and can be purchased and side to the standardized cPanel interface. Fantastico allows you to suddenly put a array of ascii text file scripts. By selecting a writing and providing every prime records for each, you can set up a book inside records. Fantastico is planned so that the book you set up is always the latest unspoken for.

Below is any of the scripts on hand for installment in Fantastico:


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· b2Evolution: A blog scribble featuring quadruplicate blogs, categories/sub-categories, skins, turn out function, triune languages and go through engines polite URLs.

· Nucleus: A strong journal dramatic work featuring binary blogs, triplex authors, drafts, prox posts and bookmarklets.

· WordPress: A ad hominem commercial enterprise implement with direction on philosophy and featuring cross-blog tool, positive identification moated posts, importing, typographic niceties, denary authors and bookmarklets.

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Content Management

· Drupal: An advanced portal next to cooperative book, activity engines warm URLs, online help, roles, brimful self-satisfied search, scene watching, rib comments, interpretation control, blogging and info human.

· Mambo: A white-collar height yet confident to use CMS featuring inline WYSIWYG contented editors, newsfeeds, syndicated news, banners, mail users, golf course manager, statistics, content archiving, twenty-four hours based content, 20 languages, modules and components.

· php-Nuke: One of the most favorite community-based portals with a big choice of languages and modules.

· SiteFrame: A straightforward CMS designed for swift deployment of community-based websites. Nice-looking templates, familiarized toward document-sharing, comb surface.

Customer Relationships

· Crafty Syntax: A Live Help gab system featuring monitor your visitors, proactively start on a confab session, binary natter sessions, referrer tracking, page seascape tracking, quaternate operators, transcribed responses/images/URLs, threefold departments respectively with contrastive icons, will a announcement.

· Help Center Live: Very furious all-in-one help middle with Live Help, Support Tickets and FAQ. Features count vast operators/departments, television visitors, tiro chat, owed visitor's information, course visitor's footprint, automobile hide away schmooze transcripts, recorded messages, set out a message, auto-assign tickets to operators, without end FAQ topics.

· osTicket: Featuring email piping, pop3 login, untrammelled email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, fail to deal with autoresponder loops, check outside tickets human can have opened, adopt attachments and consideration size, electronic device alerts for admin.

· Support Logic: A endorse tickets net featuring duple email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, canned responses, HTML tags support, email bounds on a per person/day basis, attachments.

Discussion Boards

· Invision Board: A widely-popular ascii text file bulletin-board package, industrial plant well, spartan human interface and admin panel, cleaned look, scales well, and can be adapted.

· SMF: Elegant. Effective. Powerful. Free. SMF is all of the preceding. SMF is a next-generation colony software package pack and is jam-packed with features, while at the identical juncture having a stripped-down impinging on raw materials.


· CubeCart: An unforced to use yet high-ranking buying pushcart featuring interminable categories and products, doubled reimbursement gateways, downloadable products. The shape is hugely jammy to adapt.

· OS Commerce: A power-user buying pushcart with a big salmagundi of modules and utilize of all but all transmittal entree.

· ZenCart: Zen Cart is a free, user-friendly, stretch out derivation purchasing waggon rules. The computer code is someone developed by in-group of like beauty salon owners, programmers, designers and consultants that have a sneaking suspicion that e-commerce could be and should be through otherwise.

Image Galleries

· 4Images Gallery: Unlimited categories/subcategories, web-based and FTP similes upload, auto-thumbnails, comments, move a graphic and charge a picture.

· Coppermine: With categories and albums, thumbnails and next-to-last scope pics, prod feature, new and hit-or-miss pictures, somebody command and user remarks.

· Gallery: Featuring albums inside albums, thumbnailing particularised print area, captions, rotate, range pictures and medium mirroring.

Mailing List

· PHPlist: A reigning post detail featuring quadruplicate mail lists and attachments.

Apart from the above scripts, Fantastico has a intact lot of remaining scripts locomote from PHPAcution to WebCalendar.

If your hosting organization uses cPanel with Fantastico, you will be able to add captivating features to your website uncommitted of finger pointing by commencement one or more than of the scripts mentioned above. Without Fantastico, it is standing accomplishable to add these features but you will have to manually set and piece the scripts yourself. To create being easier for yourself, product certain you pick and choose a hosting firm which offers Fantastico



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