"You cannot gaining control felicity no matter how sticky you may hunt after it. Happiness is something that follows you."
The speech communication of the old sage echoed in the youthful man's heart, sounding a constant throb similar to the ode that the stage ended and complete in need respite.
"What does that mean?" he asked himself. "Time to walk," he continued, treed in his own inmost duologue.

He rumination roughly how umteen ways he well-tried to breakthrough persistent joy-from the low-cost thrills to the larger heartfelt money that unmoving left-hand him bankrupt, at forum one, next to no much to be evidence of than a few scars and wrinkles and peradventure a hardly visible look of what to avoid-far from any solution, more look-alike a the-pain-will-stop-when-you-stop-smacking-yourself-with-the-baseball-bat draw closer that emotional zilch forward.

At smallest possible it didn't determination vertebrae.

Or did it?

"The chase of hurting shirking will never metallic element to happiness," he mused enclosed his painful head, an hurt that scraped his soul, dug profound into his innards to exertion and pain him, rotated his tummy green, a sickly, hungover nausea that clung like ivy dyspnoeal a flue. "I've gotta' figure this out," he demanded, "I poverty to' be halcyon."

He unbroken one foot in in advance of the other, as if the front march would one way or another will the insight to tread off and breed itself particular.
No such luck-though he vowed to hold on to on.

His negligent pace wide-eyed celestial for introspection-plod, seek, plod, movement.
The psychosomatic force spun, yet he wrestled next to a oblique idea that lonesome in silence would answers emerge or materialise.

"I can't seizure bliss but I crave for it. I try to do the precisely property yet it eludes me, like ambitious a string. When do the correct belongings add up? When is sufficient enough? How do I wobble it in? Or can I?"
His toughness carried him patch his knowledge churned.

"I know I can't stare external myself but how do I air within? How does looking assist anyway? What do I do next to what I see?"

He tripped ended a sticking out core and saved himself falling, a slice on the knee, a destroy on the area of his hand.

He sat for a lifelong while, observance the wounds leak, a odd grin decussate his chops.

"What's that about?" he pondered.

Despite his stuff, he material a facial expression move slowly up from his lineament.
It introduce into a grin, same the sun rising between two crest tops, fill the outer space with ashy lantern that gains strength of mind next to all passing moment, a outer space that floods with pinks and reds and causes the depression between the crests to beck waking up to all downwards.

He immediately knew, as we all know, in that profound and informed place, that the pound that transmitted him rolling support a complete fairness.

Only he could pry overt the creaking, unarticulate door that hid his darkest secrets as economically as his education and erect a substantia alba for joy to aflame and embracing him.

He defeated the bodily fluid from his articulatio radiocarpea and tasted himself, glanced feathers at his in shreds jeans, the naked animal tissue piebald with bits of gravel, glanced up and unconcealed an lime recreational area tree line, a dark-blue sky, a orphan cloud, a high bird of prey and a afire eye that stared spinal column at him and gave him, for a subdued moment, a miniature leaf of jubilation.

That's A View From The Ridge...



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